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CO2 Ventelation
Parking Garage Ventilation
Air Velocity
Data Logs
Gasses for Health and Safety 
Industrial Dew Point
Industrial Humidity & Temperature
Moisture in Oil


AirTest's product portfolio includes over 300 sensor products that can be configured to work with any monitoring or building control system. All these product categories are critical in reducing energy use and optimizing the operational efficiency of buildings. Major product categories include:

* Ventilation Control In Buildings: AirTest offers a family of infrared gas sensors for CO2 based ventilation control that significantly reduce energy usage and optimize air quality in buildings.

* Humidity and Moisture Control: Our offering includes best-of-class humidity and dew point sensors that prevent mold problems, improve comfort, and ensure optimal conditions in commercial and industrial environments.

* Parking Ventilation Control: Gas sensors targeted to control ventilation in parking facilities and other enclosed spaces where vehicles are operated. AirTest's sensors and controls offer significant energy savings and assurance of a safe environment.

* Air Velocity Measurement: AirTest offers a family of innovative heated-thin-film air velocity transmitters and switches used to monitor airflow or validate equipment operation.

* Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection: Refrigerant gas sensors that can quickly identify costly and dangerous leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

* Health And Safety: AirTest offers a broad range of gas sensors for health, leading to productive commercial, work, and shopping spaces.

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