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Mobile UVC
ARTZ 2.0® Mobile Room UVC Germicidal Solutions for Healthcare
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Delivers balanced and uniform UVC flux to surfaces and air; automatically delivers dose needed to reduce pathogens that include

Preset dosage recipes are built in to the system to target desired microbes; if preferred, ARTZ 2.0® can be set manually to provide required dose

MRS45-12 Mobile UV Unit
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The MRS45-12 mobile UVC device is ideal when very fast UVC disinfection times are needed for small, medium or large areas, including patient care environments, operating suites, nursing homes, emergency shelters, large exercise facilities, gymnasiums, meeting rooms, manufacturing facilities, and prisons / jail cells.

MRS33-8 Mobile UV Unit
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The MRS33-8 mobile UVC device can quickly disinfect medium to large-sized rooms, including healthcare environments, patient rooms, restaurants, office spaces, elevators, daycare environments, nursing and long-term care facilities, schools and universities, emergency shelters, exercise rooms and gymnasiums, spas, bathrooms and shower areas. It can also fit into public transportation vehicles for quick disinfection, and will comfortably fit in the back of emergency medical vehicles.

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MRS14-4 Mobile UV Unit
CD Series (Round)

The MRS14-4 mobile UVC device has proven to be a favorite solution for Emergency Medical Services, firefighters, law enforcement vehicles, school environments, restaurants, workplace areas, bathrooms, veterinary offices / kennels, and really all environments with a smaller footprint. It can be hung from the top or bottom mounting hooks, placed on desks, and easily moved around on rolling carts. It quickly disinfects surfaces at shorter distances, and is equipped with the important 360° safety features that help prevent accidental UVC exposure.

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