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OR Package Componants
Touchscreen Controller
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All cycle data is saved to the onboard hard drive and is available for staff review. Data can also be downloaded via the USB port on the bottom of the CCU.

The Intelligent controller records:

Constantly communicates with all UV germicidal fixtures in the Operating Room

Built-in safety features

Procedure and disinfection modes

Direct Surface Mount Fixtures
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OR-SM-36 fixtures are direct UVC germicidal fixtures used for surface and wound site disinfection before, during, and after the procedure

The goal of this configuration is to lay down an even energy footprint that floods the room with UV disinfection light and eliminates, and minimizes, any shadow areas. 

Indirect Wall Mounted Fixture
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OR-WM-36 UVC germicidal fixtures confine UVC rays to a narrow beam, directed across the upper portion of the room, for upper air treatment. Beam width and height are controlled with louvers that create a powerful, concentrated beam of germicidal UVC energy, resulting in maximum intensity and increased safety.

Door Barrier Fixture
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CD Series (Round)

Coilmaster’s fluid coils are designed for air cooling or heating applications using chilled water, hot water or brine (e.g., ethylene or propylene glycol mixtures). Counter-flow fluid circuits are designed specifically for the intended application to optimize heat transfer while minimizing fluid pressure drop. Connections are sized to match designed flow rates or existing field locations. Coilmaster coils are all custom circuited to allow for complete drainage with removal of the drain plug. Connection orientations can be tailored to match installation requirements.

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UVC Radiometer
CD Series (Round)

The NIST-traceable Radiometer is used to calibrate the proper level of UVC energy when fixtures are in use during a procedure; and to ensure overall proper system operation. 

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