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Booster Coils

Coilmaster’s line of booster coils are designed for hot water or low-pressure steam heating.

Our pre-engineered 1 and 2 row coils allow us to offer exceptional value and lead times for this product. One day to one week availability insures that we meet any requirement for these coils.

Condenser Coils

Refrigerant condenser coils are used to transfer heat from the refrigerant to the outdoor air. Whether your application requires a single refrigerant circuit, integral sub-cooler or multiple face-splits, Coilmaster can design and build the precise refrigerant heat rejection coil for your application.

Evaporator Coil

Designed for use in comfort cooling, process cooling, and refrigeration, Coilmaster evaporator coils are proven for use with all of today’s refrigerants. Our proprietary circuiting provides for optimal system performance at minimal air-side and refrigerant pressure drops. A variety of load-split options provides the flexibility designers need to optimize the system not only at design conditions, but also when operating at part-load. Coils are easily customized for hot-gas bypass or heat pump usage. Our pressurized method of shipping evaporator coils gives the user the assurance of leak-free operation. Our refrigerant coils have undergone the rigors of cycle testing for use with high-pressure R-410A refrigerant, and are safety listed with 750 psig rating.

Fluid Coils
CD Series (Round)

Coilmaster’s fluid coils are designed for air cooling or heating applications using chilled water, hot water or brine (e.g., ethylene or propylene glycol mixtures). Counter-flow fluid circuits are designed specifically for the intended application to optimize heat transfer while minimizing fluid pressure drop. Connections are sized to match designed flow rates or existing field locations. Coilmaster coils are all custom circuited to allow for complete drainage with removal of the drain plug. Connection orientations can be tailored to match installation requirements.

Insulated Case Coil
CD Series (Round)

With only coil piping and drain pan connections to make, installation is a breeze for those projects that require minimal installation time and cost. The assembly includes 0.5″ non-foil-faced insulation in the cabinet, ¾″ MPT drain connection, sealed connections at the access panel to prevent air bypass, and 1″ duct flanges on the entering and leaving air side of the cabinet. 16 gauge galvanized steel is standard with an option for stainless steel. An air flow label is placed on the connection end to insure proper installation.

Refrigerated Case Coils
CD Series (Round)

Coilmaster's capabilities go beyond serving the HVAC and process end-use markets. We also are a leading manufacturer of evaporator coils that serve the refrigerated case market for convenience stores and food markets.

Standard Steam & Steam Distribution Coils
CD Series (Round)

Coilmaster's offering of steam coils boasts a minimum copper tube-wall thickness of 0.025″, providing reliability in heating solutions for process and comfort applications. In addition, clearance is allowed for tubes to thermally expand/contract freely, eliminating the potential for tube failure at endplates. Our steam coils are designed to remove all of the latent heat to condense steam and provide condensate removal, both key to optimum heat transfer.

Due to their tube-within-tube design, steam distributing coils provide a level of protection against freezing in low-temp applications. The inner tube insures live steam the full length of the coil, keeping a constant outside tube temperature under all conditions.

Steam enters through the supply connection and into the internal distribution tubes. Directional dispersion holes meter the flow of steam from inside the distribution tube into the annular region between the tubes. The steam then condenses and flows into the return header. Steam Distributing coils maintain a constant temperature rise across the face of the coil while facilitating condensate drainage.

Supply pre-heat, outside air tempering, and modulating steam applications are typical uses for steam distributing coils.

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