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Inline Vortex Flow
Series F-2600
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F-2600 Series Vortex Flow Meters are designed for accurate, cost effective mass flow measurement of saturated steam. The standard loop powered version of the vortex flow meter is equipped with the internal temperature compensation required for direct mass flow measurement. Each F-2600 Vortex Flow Meter is provided with a 4-20mA analog output for flow rate, a pulse output for totalization and a built-in user interface and display. The standard loop powered meter also includes HART. Optional versions are available with internal pressure compensation, multiple analog outputs and BACnet or MODBUS serial communications.

Provides Direct Mass Flow Measurement for Saturated Steam

The use of a precision platinum RTD coupled with and the ability to perform complex density calculations allow the vortex flow meter to provide a direct mass flow measurement without the need for a separate mass flow calculator.

Highly Accurate

When correctly installed, the mass flow measurement accuracy for saturated steam exceeds 1.5% of reading in the most common pipe sizes.

Simple Installation and Commissioning

Loop powered design simplifies wiring and signal processing. Additionally, each vortex flow meter is factory programmed and ready for use upon delivery. The built-in user interface provides access to all programming functions, including a comprehensive self diagnostic capability. This self diagnostic capability is a useful tool for identifying common installation problems.

State-of-the-Art Vortex Flow Sensing

Is achieved by using a two stage bluff body/sensor design that enhances signal sensitivity and extends the operating range of the meter. Sensors are located behind the bluff body and are better protected from pressure shocks and water hammer.

Advanced Signal Processing Enhances Accuracy

Every vortex flow meter is supplied with advanced filtering algorithms. These algorithms allow the meter to establish continuous real-time norms for signal strength and quality. Sudden changes to the anticipated strength or quality of the incoming signal is rejected as noise. Additional signal processing cancels out the effect of common mode noise. Common mode noise is the type of noise most often associated with vibration in the piping system.

Individually Calibrated and Programmed for Each Application

Every vortex flow meter undergoes a multi-point calibration. In addition, each meter is individually programmed using application specific data supplied by the customer.

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