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BTU Meter
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System 10

The System-10 BTU Meter is a highly accurate microprocessor-based instrument designed to provide full energy, flow and temperature data both at the front panel LCD and over an optional serial network interface. The System-10 is also available with optional analog output signals for energy, flow and temperature. The System-10 is the ideal choice for networking to control systems with the availability of BACnet®, MODBUS®, LonWorks®, Johnson Controls-N2®, Siemens-P1® interface cards.

Chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems for:

  • Commercial office tenant billing

  • Central plant monitoring

  • University campus monitoring

  • Institutional energy cost allocation

  • Performance / efficiency evaluations

  • Performance contracting energy monitoring

  • Cogeneration heat recovery monitoring

Single Source Responsibility

One manufacturer responsible for the manufacture, compatibility of components, and calibration of the entire BTU measurement system. ONICON is committed to providing highly accurate and reliable systems which guarantee successful installations.

NIST Traceable Calibration with Certification

Complete system-wide calibration for the entire BTU measurement system for each specific application with certification of calibration.

Precision Solid State Temperature Sensors

Custom calibrated and matched to an accuracy better than ±0.15° F from 32-200° F.

Simple Installation and Commissioning

Factory programmed and ready to use upon delivery, all process data and programming functions are accessible via front panel display and keypad.

Easy-to-Operate User Interface

Menu driven display and membrane keypad make viewing data easy and simplifies field re-programming when necessary.

Network Compatible Serial Communications

Optional communications card provides complete energy, flow and temperature data through a single network connection. Available with BACnet®, MODBUS®, LonWorks®, Johnson Controls-N2® and Siemens-P1® interface cards.

Highly Accurate Flow Meters

Each System-10 BTU Meter works with ONICON's insertion, inline, electromagnetic, clamp-on ultrasonic and vortex flow meters.

Installation Hardware Package

Thermowells and the associated installation hardware are provided along with installation instructions to ensure error-free installation and accurate system performance.

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