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BTU Meter
System 20
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The System-20 BTU Measurement System provides highly accurate and reliable thermal energy measurement in heating and cooling systems. Designed for maximum versatility, the System-20 provides energy, flow and temperature data on the local display, and communicates via RS485 BACnet® MS/TP or MODBUS® RTU directly with your BMS/BAS. In addition, the System-20 provides an analog output signal, pulse outputs, and auxiliary pulse inputs, all of which are configurable via an intuitive user interface.

Chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems for:

  • Central plant monitoring

  • Campus energy monitoring and cost allocation

  • Performance/efficiency evaluations

  • Energy monitoring for performance contracts

  • AHU and CRAC units for commercial office tenant billing

  • Solar, geothermal and ground-source energy monitoring

  • Residential apartment and condominium tenant billing

Multiple Outputs

Each meter is provided standard with three programmable pulse outputs and one analog output. An RS485 output is also provided for BACnet® MS/TP or MODBUS® RTU.

Multiple Flow Meter Options

The System-20 may be ordered with any of ONICON’s inline, insertion, or clamp-on style flow meters. This allows you to match specific flow meter features and benefits to your application.

Multiple Temperature Sensor Options

The System-20 may be ordered with ONICON’s precision current based sensors or a pair of matched Platinum RTDs. Each option offers exceptional accuracy and reliability.

Auxiliary Pulse Inputs

Three user defined pulse inputs are provided standard. Pulses from water, gas or electric meters may be totalized in the System-20 to simplify network connectivity at the metering location.

Built-In Interval Data Logger

Energy and volume totals are date/time stamped and logged within the meter along with operating status and other analytical data. Data is available via BACnet® or MODBUS®.

Suitable for Water and Water/Glycol Solutions

System-20s are field programmable for water or water/glycol solutions to ensure accurate flow and energy measurement.

User Friendly Interface Display

The bright, easy-to-read, back-lit display uses “smart button technology” to simplify programming and commissioning, eliminating the need for special configuration tools.

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