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Face & Bypass Dampers
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Series 1000 FB, 1500 FB, 9000 FB Face & Bypass Damper:

  • Although TAMCO manufactures these Series for use in face and bypass applications, we suggest that two separate dampers, each operated with its own dedicated actuator, would be the optimal method of achieving face and bypass operation.


ET - Elevated Temperature Option:

  • Available for Series 1000 FB and 1500 FB.

  • Suitable for high heat environments where temperatures may reach as high as 300°F (149°C), and where UL regulated control dampers are not a requirement.

  • For use in back-up generator stations, where excessive heat may be an issue.

  • For test laboratory applications, wherever high-heat conditions may exist.

  • A practical solution in mildly acidic applications, where Celcon bearings may not withstand environmental conditions. (See Options for more details.)


MR - Moisture Resistance Option:

  • Available for Series 1000 FB, 1500 FB, and 9000 FB.

  • Suitable for applications where dampers are exposed to extended periods of high humidity or high moisture, such as water treatment facilities, municipal pools, and greenhouses.

  • Cost effective alternative to the Salt Water Resistance Option for applications where salt spray is not a concern. (See Options for more details.)


SW - Salt Water Resistance Option:

  • Available for Series 1000 FB, 1500 FB, and 9000 FB.

  • Ideally suited for coastal climates.

  • Recommended for inland applications, where tire spray from winter-salted roads have been known to corrode dampers installed in close proximity to roads or highways. (See Options for more details.)


SC - Severe Cold Temperature Option:

  • Available for Series 9000 FB only.

  • Where retaining low leakage performance at severe cold temperatures is a concern. Silicone seals are virtually unaffected by cold winter temperatures. (See Options for more details.)

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