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Triatek’s ACT-FA-8002 is a fast-acting microprocessor based actuator with conditioned feedback. Working in conjunction with Triatek’s Venturi Valves, the ACT-FA-8002 operates on a 24 VAC nominal power supply and delivers a minimum of 70 in. lb. or 8 Nm. torque at rated voltage. The ACT-FA-8002 is designed primarily for Venturi air valves in laboratory fume hood applications.

The zero and span and auto-stroking features allows for the sequencing of several motors from the same input signal. The actuator field can be limited between 45° and 90°, and the input signal can be set to a portion of 2-10 VDC.

Once programmed, the actuator’s settings are permanently stored in its non-volatile memory. In the event of a power outage, the unit returns under full torque to its selected fail-safe position.

  • Delivers a minimum of 70 in. lb. or 8 Nm. torque

  • Zero and span adjustments

  • Fail to open or close

  • Reversible rotation

  • Auto-stroking field limitations

  • Non-volatile memory

  • Sequencing of several motors from one input signal

  • UL Listed

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ACT-FA-9001 Smart Actuator
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The ACT-FA-9001 Smart Actuator is a maintenance-free, fast-acting actuator that provides performance data and diagnostic information for Venturi air valves.

The ACT-FA-9001 features a brushless motor and patented Enerdrive fail-safe system. The actuator’s quiet motor was designed to accommodate laboratory and hospital settings with exposed duct work for a more conducive work environment.

Performance data is retrieved through a pigtail communications pair, and the software enables you to harvest performance information like cycle counts, so that unstable control loops can be better tuned, creating longer product lifespans.

  • Provides performance data including cycle count tracking and diagnostic information

  • Access window for easy connectivity to DIP switch

  • Quiet, brushless DC-driven motor

  • Contactless feedback position sensor

  • Fast-acting 3 to 5 seconds

  • Provides increased reliability

  • Mounts easily onto valves

  • Manual clutch with electronic disengagement of motor

  • Maintenance-free

  • Position indicator

  • Fail-safe by Enerdrive System (US Patent #5,278,454)

  • Auto-stroke on power up

  • Connects into any building automation system with a 0-10V, 2-10V, 4-20mA control signal

  • Seamlessly functions with Triatek’s Venturi valves, Universal Valve Module, Venturi Valve Upgrade Kit, and other brand Venturi air valves

  • UL, SAC, and CE listed

  • ± 1% positional accuracy

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