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Fume Hood Controllers
HMS-1655 Fume Hood Controller

Triatek’s HMS-1655 Fume Hood Controller regulates and monitors a fume hood’s airflow and exhaust, providing scientists with confidence that they are protected from toxic chemicals, vapors, and dusts during experiments.

It utilizes a closed-loop sensing system and quickly alerts users if conditions become unsafe.

The HMS-1655 also features Triatek’s signature Safety Halo™  – a glowing, color-coded edge lighting that provides 180° of status visibility, so that researchers can monitor multiple fume hoods from across the lab with a simple glance.

This fume hood controller has both audible and visual alarms and a user-friendly touchscreen with bold, modern graphics that simultaneously displays:

  • Hood status

  • Sash height

  • Exhaust flow

  • Face velocity

  • Time and date

  • BACnet®, Metasys N2®, and LonWorks® compatible

  • BTL Listed® (BACnet® product only)

  • Safety Halo™ edge lighting

  • User-friendly touchscreen with intuitive menus

  • Bold, modern graphics

  • Visual and audible alarms

  • Easy to install and customize

  • Password protection with four access levels

  • Non-volatile memory

  • Multiple alarms for sidewall and sash position sensors

  • Zone presence sensor support

  • Multi-trigger emergency purge option

  • Works seamlessly with Triatek’s Venturi valves, as well as other valves in the industry for maximum convenience and compatibility with your building automation system

  • Available in plastic surface mount

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