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Room Controllers
FMS- 2000C 
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The FMS-2000C Critical Environment Controller ensures laboratory and healthcare settings are safe for all occupants by continuously verifying room pressure and airflow. It can precisely control and monitor six parameters including differential pressure, temperature, humidity, CO2 , airflow, and air changes per hour. One controller can control or monitor up to four spaces simultaneously for any of the six parameters. This controller has a displayed flow resolution down to 0.0001 in. W.C. or 0.0249 Pa, and instantly updates as conditions change. The FMS-2000C provides maximum room status awareness with color coded visual alarms both on screen and with the 360° Safety Halo™ illuminated edge, which allows staff to easily monitor spaces down long corridors. The audible alarm can be muted with one tap to the screen to help reduce audible a

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VAV-1000L Volumetric Offset Controller

The Triatek VAV-1000L Volumetric Offset Controller is a VAV controller that provides variable air volume control in laboratory zones that require pre-determined offsets between supply and exhaust air.

Applications include:

  • Temperature control

  • Room exhaust air control

  • Room supply air control

VAV controllers are an integral party of Triatek’s Laboratory Solutions. The VAV-1000L reduces laboratory energy consumption, improves indoor air quality, and provides building automation flexibility.

The VAV-1000L works by communicating with the HMS-1655 Fume Hood Controller. The exhaust cubic feet per minute (CFM) from fume hoods and general exhaust from the lab are summed by the VAV-1000L to calculate total exhaust CFM, which is subtracted from the supply airflow CFM to calculate net airflow for the lab.

Where net negative pressure for containment purposes is required, the VAV-1000L modulates supply airflow to be less than the total exhaust airflow. The VAV-1000L constantly monitors conditions and adjusts airflow by modulating the Venturi valve or damper in order to maintain the desired negative pressure. Zone temperature can also be controlled using a temperature transmitter.

  • LonWorks® compatible

  • Multiple alarms

  • Four analog inputs and outputs

  • Four digital inputs and outputs

  • Linear or PID output

  • Stand-alone or LON FTT-10 Free Topology Communications Network compatible

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