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LP-IR-DT Motions Sensor

Triatek’s LP-IR-DT Infrared Motion Sensor provides the best motion detection available in sensors on the market. Used in conjunction with our LP-3500 Lighting Control Panel, this microprocessor-based sensor is self-adjusting and self-calibrating.

Simply mount the LP-IR-DT, and after a data collecting period of four weeks the sensor will self-adjust for optimal energy savings based on room occupancy. It easily integrates into any building automation system, and settings are saved in non-volatile memory so they are not lost during power failure.

  • Easy to install

  • Integrates into building automation system

  • Microprocessor-based

  • Simple 24 VAC power

  • Maximizes energy savings

  • Detects motion using dual technology

  • Flashing LED provides current status and timer sett

  • Self-calibrating

  • Settings stored in non-volatile memory

SPS-50 Sash Position Sensor

The SPS-50 Sash Position Sensor is an added safety feature used to detect a fume hood’s sash position. As the sash is moved up and down by the user, the SPS-50 communicates with Triatek’s HMS fume hood controller and the hood’s Venturi valve to increase or decrease airflow as necessary to maintain the desired face velocity setpoint.

The SPS-50 provides the fastest and safest approach to instantaneously achieve calibrated airflow requirements.  The HMS controller can also utilize a closed loop sidewall sensor in conjunction with the SPS-50 to further fine tune the fume hood’s airflow.

The SPS-50 utilizes a spring-loaded spool, precision potentiometer, and nylon-coated stainless steel cables to measure the position of the fume hood’s sash. Made of rugged polycarbonate, the SPS-50 also features a stainless steel mounting bracket to allow the user to easily orient the sensor in the preferred direction.

  • Fastest and safest approach to instantaneously achieve calibrated airflow requirements

  • Works with an HMS fume hood controller and digital sidewall sensor

  • Linear position to 50 inches

  • Rugged polycarbonate enclosure

  • Spring-loaded spool

  • Precision potentiometer

  • Nylon-coated stainless steel cable

  • Stainless steel mounting bracket for added flexibility

SWD Door Switch Sensor

The SWD-100 and SWD-200 Door Switch Sensors work in conjunction with Triatek’s FMS Room Pressure Controllers and serve as a timed alarm buzzer inhibitor when the room door has been opened.

These sensors are an important component of Triatek’s integrated Healthcare Solutions, and work to reduce nuisance alarms.

The SWD-100 is a low-profile surface mount magnetic door switch sensor used mostly with wooden door frames, and features angled terminal blocks for easy installation.

The SWD-200 is a flush mount door switch sensor designed specifically for use in steel doors. The unique housing design features a rugged unibody construction with flexible ribbed sides for a quick, secure installation. The magnet housing isolates the magnet from surrounding steel for maximum gap distances, both make and break.

  • Designed for steel or wood doors

  • Prevents nuisance alarms

  • Easy to install

  • Surface and flush models available

  • Constructed of ABS plastic for maximum strength and durability

  • Optional Rare Earth Magnet available for door channels

Zone Pres
Zone Presence Sensors

The Zone Presence Sensor (ZPS) is part of Triatek’s integrated Laboratory Solution, and enables fume hoods to become more energy efficient without compromising safety.

Once an operator is in front of the fume hood, the ZPS’ microwave motion sensor communicates with its corresponding HMS Fume Hood Controller to instantly switch to occupied mode.

The ZPS also senses when the fume hood is unattended and will revert to unoccupied mode after a user-specified number of minutes expire, thereby reducing the fume hood’s overall energy consumption rate.

Highly sensitive and accurate, the ZPS is capable of detecting motion down to 1/4” per second. In addition, the ZPS can be tailored for any size fume hood. Sensitivity and time delay are also configurable on the ZPS and associated HMS fume hood controller.

T-Stat Room Temperature Sensor
T Stat

The T-STAT Room Temperature Sensor features a large LCD screen that displays the temperature and setpoint. The temperature is adjusted with tactile pushbuttons.

The setpoint displayed on the LCD screen for a short time after an adjustment.

It utilizes a thermistor sensing element and is enclosed in durable white ABS plastic.

  • Patented enclosure style with large LCD display

  • Robust tactile pushbuttons

  • Thermistor sensing element

  • Durable ABS plastic enclosure

  • Optional communication jack and test and balance switch

  • Two year warranty

T Stat & H
T-Stat Room Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The T-STAT Room Temperature and Humidity Sensor features local indication of both temperature and humidity with temperature setpoint.

The LCD screen shows temperature in °C or °F and humidity in %RH. In addition, the unit has adjustable offsets for both temperature and humidity and the transmitter ranges are field configurable.

Triatek's Digital Sidewall Sensor

Triatek’s Digital Sidewall Sensor is a mass flow sensor designed to measure fume hood pressure as air is pulled from outside the hood to inside the hood. Flow direction ensures no hood contaminates enter the sensor. It works in conjunction with the HMS-1655 Fume Hood Controller and is an important aspect of Triatek’s integrated Laboratory Solutions.

Patented CMOSens® technology combines sensor elements, signal processing, and digital calibration on a single microchip for unmatched performance. The sensor’s highly-sensitive  silicon chip requires only a minuscule amount of flow to provide amazing accuracy. Fast response times (to within 4.6 ms) keeps velocity maintained within safe levels to minimize hood turbulence while ensuring containment.

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